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Sponsorship & Donations

If you would like to sponsor a section by donating a Perpetual trophy or make a donation to help with the cost of
trophies, sashes or medals, please
email us.

All donations will be acknowledged in the programme.  

You may also present the prizes for your section if you wish.

A Heartfelt Thank You to our Sponsors and Perpetual Trophy Donors

The Simpson Academy is very grateful for the support of our sponsors and trophy donors and would like to thank
the following familes...
Perpetual Trophies
We would like to thank the following people for their donations of our
beautiful Perpetual trophies...

The Simpson Academy
Monica Simpson
Kathleen Simpson
The Young Family
The Bailey Family
The Town Family
The Manuel Family
Classic Goodwood Floors
The Dwyer Family
The Hoare Family
Miss Brown's Fancy
The Balogh Family
The Back Family
The Lewis Family
The Haling Family
Jessica Manuel